Thursday, February 7, 2013

Will the HSR Be Running During the Storm?

A question that is often posed during inclement weather is whether or not the HSR buses are running. The answer is yes, the buses are running.

Hamilton Street Railway buses are rarely ever cancelled due to poor weather. That being said the system will very likely be delayed due to poor road conditions.

When the roadways are slippery due to rain, snow or icy conditions HSR drivers need to adapt their driving to maintain the safety of passengers as well as other motorists and pedestrians.

Road closures due to the weather can adversely affect service.
"In any instance where buses can not travel any road due to weather conditions the controller will make the decision to detour or cancel service," a staff member from HSR customer service stated on Thursday. "Having said that he will also inform HSR's senior management as to the circumstances at which point they may make a different decision based on the information they receive or agree with the controllers suggestions."
The HSR will inform riders via the media and on the website.

Occasionally when the road conditions get extremely poor the city will close the mountain accesses. For buses that must travel up or down the escarpment (Jolley Cut, James Mountain Road, Kenilworth Access, Beckett Drive or Red Hill Valley Parkway) this closure can affect service.
"If the access's were closed HSR would have to implement some action, but until it occurs no decision would be made. It's always a wait and see depending on what is open and what is closed."
It could be possible to retain service by detouring a route via another access, though it would invariably create significant delays.
"At that point the controller along with road supervision would implement a detour or other course of action to maximize service levels."
Hamilton Public Works public affairs coordinator Kelly Anderson will be sending me media alerts through the course of the storm and I will release any transit related detours or cancellations as I learn of them.

The following are great resources for keeping informed of the weather or traffic conditions:

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