Thursday, November 8, 2012

Voluntary Pay Policy Eliminated; New Senior Fares

The Hamilton Street Railway company has released the newset edition of "For Safety's Sake" and a special edition of the "Bus NEWS" on board HSR buses and at terminals. The brochure outlines some changes to the fare structure which will be effective on January 1st, 2013.

HSR SENIOR FARES CHANGE (65+ years of age)

As of January 2013, a new Transit Fare Parity Policy will come into effect. Seniors will now be offered a special Senior rate, however, they must use a PRESTO card to realize the savings. With the planned eventual transition away from paper media the decision was made not to produce special paper media for the senior fares. A PRESTO fare card is needed for both the senior fare and senior monthly pass.

Cash (Exact Fare) - $2.55
Senior Annual Pass - $ 205.00 per year
Senior PRESTO e-purse - $1.65
Senior PRESTO Monthly Pass - $20.50

Golden Age Pass (80+ years old) ........FREE

In order to use this discounted fare, seniors must show the Operator an HSR Photo ID Card, which is issued by the Customer Service Centre, each time you board. If you do not take advantage of these discounted fares, you must pay the Adult rate.

Transit users must be 65 year of age or over to be entitled to use the Seniors Annual Pass and 80 years or over to use the Golden Age Pass and you must be City of Hamilton resident.

Voluntary Pay Policy - ELIMINATED
Passengers using personal mobility devices and CNIB card-holders must pay fare.

Those passengers who use wheelchairs or scooters and board through the middle doors must give or show their fare payment to the HSR Operator at the middle door. Our Operators are authorized to collect fare payment and will deposit the fare in the farebox, or tap your PRESTO card on the PRESTO device and issue a transfer if necessary. We encourage HSR passengers who use wheelchairs or scooters to board from the front doors so they are able to put in their own money or tickets in the farebox, use the PRESTO device or show their passes or transfers to our Operators.

The Voluntary Pay Policy for persons using Personal Mobility Devices (canes, walkers,
scooters and wheelchairs) and CNIB card-holders, will be eliminated. Everyone is required to use one of the available HSR fare media.

- Bay Observer


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