Saturday, October 6, 2012

Answer: Why are there 40' Buses on the B-Line?

A question was posed today asked why there were 'short buses' on '10 B-Line Express' on a weekday. Aside from the fact that the express route only runs on weekdays, there is a reason why 40' (regular sized) buses are on the route.

Here is the original question as posed on Twitter:

There is an easy, however complicated, answer to that question.

'10 B-Line Express' runs from the early morning hours until late in the evening on weekdays. The route operates from University Plaza in the west end to Eastgate Square in the east end. The route is also interligned with both '55 Stoney Creek Central' and '58 Stoney Creek Local,' in which lays the reasoning for 40' buses on the route.

The routes are interligned, but only during peak periods. This means that during morning and afternoon rush hours when a '10' bus arrives at Eastgate Square it will continue into Stoney Creek as one of these other routes. The buses then return from Stoney Creek to Eastgate and continue westbound.

This gives residents within Stoney Creek the added benefit and value of the ability to take one bus, without needing to transfer, all the way across the city.

During the middle of the afternoon and in the early evening when the routes are not interligned the frequency for '10 B-Line Express' is reduced from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. With a reduced frequency less buses are used on the route and certain buses from the route stay within Stoney Creek as '55 Stoney Creek Central' or '58 Stoney Creek Local' buses.

The 40' buses that run on the B-Line are usually dispatched so that they are on the runs that remain within the local Stoney Creek routes during off-peak times. Articulated (60') buses aren't needed in Stoney Creek during off-peak hours as passenger volume is lower.

Hopefully this answers the question.


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