Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GO Transit Adds Extra Trains for Supercrawl

This year Hamilton SUPERCRAWL, the city of Hamilton's annual multi-disciplinary arts community event, will be held on September 14th and 15th, and GO wants to get in on the action by providing some extra trains to get you to and from the festivities.

In addition to regular service on the Lakeshore West line, during the early morning hours of Saturday September 15th and Sunday September 16th GO Transit will have a special eastbound train depart Hamilton GO Centre at 12:20am and arrive Union Station at 01:41am.

On Saturday September 15th GO Transit will also have a westbound train departing Union Station at 6:20pm arriving Hamilton at 7:42pm.

All trains will make all regular stops through to Hamilton.

All 3 extra trips as well as the regular 6:35pm train on September 14 will be operated on trains that have the Art Train No 9 coach, a moving, mobile, public art project developed by No.9: Contemporary Art and the Environment, Metrolinx and Toronto-based artists Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins.

The Hamilton Street Railway Company will also be detouring several routes as James Street will be closed for the event. Those detours should be made available Thursday.


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