Thursday, July 26, 2012

Planned Fall Service Changes

While the fall schedule won't be finalized and released until later in August, the Public Works department sent an information update to the mayor and members of council. This update included several enhancements of service for September 2012 which will benefit transit users in the downtown, Ancaster and upper Stoney Creek.

There are several service enhancements planned for the fall, including:

'5C West Hamilton'

This route will be extended from West Hamilton Loop to the Ancaster Meadowlands on Saturdays, Sundays an holidays.

Currently the route only services Meadowlands during weekdays and terminates at West Hamilton on the weekends. This change will now provide residents of lower Hamilton direct access to Ancaster seven days a week.

'43 Stone Church'
This route will now have service in the evening on Saturdays and all day service on Sundays.

Currently service for this route terminates at 6pm on Saturdays and there is no service on Sundays or holidays. The only bus service for the Heritage Green area of upper Stoney Creek during these time periods is through '11 Parkdale' which provides service to a limited area.

'44 Rymal'
This route will have new weekday midday and early evening service added.

Since being introduced in September of 2008, this route has been expanded once already. Originally the route only ran between the Glancaster Loop (Upper Paradise) and Prichard Road during morning and afternoon peak periods. In 2009 the route was extended to service Ancaster in the west and Eastgate in the east. The route only operates from approximately 5:30am-10am and 2pm-7pm. This new service should see the route run throughout the afternoon uninterrupted. It's not yet known how late the route will run.

The HSR is also in the planning stages of restructuring '6 Aberdeen', '7 Locke' and '8 York.' Extended service for buses along Dundurn has been a long requested upgrade, so it is possible that this could be in the works, but it is too soon to tell what changes will be made to the routes.

Year to date, ridership on HSR buses is  up 0.9% and represents a 2.2% increase in revenue to budget for 2012 and 3.2% increase in revenue over the same period last year.

We'll know more about timing and scheduling once the enhancements are finalized and released..


  1. I understand there are other enhancements other then the ones you've already mentioned. Looking forward to seeing the HSR as a much more transit-oriented city.
    Also by September, the 1100 series of 2012 Xcelisors will be in service, too.

  2. I think I also heard somewhere about the 21 Upper Kenilworth being extended to Heritage Greene.