Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Buses Involved in Accident

Damaged to HSR 0306 after
Wednesday's collision.
In the early evening Wednesday two Hamilton city buses were involved in a collision in the downtown core.

At about 6pm an '8 York' bus was sitting idle on James Street South just north of Main St when another bus pulled up along side. The second bus began to change lanes in front of the York bus but pulled to closly and the buses collided.

"She hit her breaks but of course buses don't stop on a dime," said Kody Breukelman who witnessed the incident, "The buses continued being attached until finally the moving coach came to a complete stop."

The bus in motion, C40LF coach 0306, sustained damage to the right side and the rear door. The glass of the door shattered and the door frame was bent in the accident. The parked bus, a 2008 D40LF coach, sustained minor damage with a broken driver side mirror.

Two HSR inspectors arrived on scene and the buses remained for just over an hour before being put out of service and returning to the Mountain Transit Centre.

The driver of the parked bus is an experienced driver with twenty years of service. The operator of the bus that caused the collision is a new driver with just two months experience.

Neither HSR operator were injured in the incident and no passengers were hurt.


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