Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Days on the HSR

The temperature in Hamilton has risen to above 30 degrees in the past few days. A heat warning was issued and the city opened several splash pads early to help residents keep cool. One local reporter even snapped a photo of a Hamiltonian handing out bottled water from the back of his pickup truck.
One question I frequently receive during the warmer season is surrounding air conditioning on board HSR buses. Why are some buses hot with the windows open while other buses are cold, akin to a meat locker?

Here is what a customer service representative had to say about the usage of air conditioning on HSR buses.
"Under the laws of Canada it is a requirement to provide heat however it is not a requirement to provide air conditioning," the rep stated. "Turning the air on or off is at the Operators discretion and we cannot make them turn it on."
Another reason for a bus not having the air on could be due to a mechanical issue with the AC unit itself. While the bus driver may have already reported the problem, you can report the issue to the Hamilton Street Railway's customer service department.
"You can provide specifics such as date/time, route, bus number etc so we can look into it. It may be that the bus may have the air inoperable therefore it may need to be checked by our maintenance department."
Customer service for the Hamilton Street Railway can be reached at or by calling 905-527-4441.


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