Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update: Lift Bridge Closure & '11 Parkdale' Detour Details

Beach Shuttle on Beach Blvd
The Burlington Lift Bridge, and Eastport Drive, have been closed due to mechanical problems.

According to the Burlington OPP, the lift bridge will be closed until sometime Wednesday. The HSR is detouring '11 Parkdale' buses via the QEW skyway between Woodward Ave and North Shore Blvd in Burlington in both directions. This detour will remain in effect until the lift bridge is reopened.

In the meantime the HSR has set up a shuttle bus servicing the beach strip (Beach Blvd in Hamilton) on the Hamilton side. This shuttle will connect with '11 Parkdale' buses at Woodward and Glow for northbound passengers needing local access to the beach strip.

The shuttle picks up passengers on the north side of Glow at Woodward. The shuttle then operates on a clockwise routing traveling west on Glow, north on Parkdale, east on Burlington, off ramp to Woodward, north on Woodward, north on Eastport, south on Beach, south on Woodward and west on Glow. The shuttle operates on a 30 minute headway with departures at :27 and :57 passed the hour.


  1. This article says it should be fixed today. Any updates?

    1. According to the Spec, they've raised it so boats can use it but there's no schedule for repair to allow road traffic. I'd expect at least a six month wait.

    2. There has been no change to the situation with the bridge from what I understand, with the exception of the bridge being raised for marine traffic.