Friday, March 30, 2012

Penny Gone; Paper Passes and Tickets Staying

February 2012 Adult Paper Pass
It was released in the 2012 Federal Budget that the government would discontinue minting the penny later this year. Most don't seem to be shedding any tears over the demise of the penny. After all, it costs more to produce one penny than it's worth. 1.6 cents per 1 cent coin.

The thought of the removal of paper fare media from the HSR has the opposite response for most. While Presto use appears to be growing, not everyone has adopted the Presto card. Rumours have been circulating the buses that HSR is planning on scrapping paper tickets and passes later this year in favour of Presto.

This is not the case.

"Through 2013 we hope to have more customers accept Presto as their mode of payment," a representative from the HSR stated, "however no date has been set to elimiate our current paper media."

Presto Self-Service Kiosk
at Union Station.
Photo by Presto
Part of the rumours seem to be stemming from the launch of Presto self service kiosks at Union Station in Toronto. These kiosks are rumoured to be planned for installation at various locations around the city. Hamilton Street Railway has no plans on bringing these kiosks to the city as of today.

"As the equipment is still in test mode, more work needs to be done to ensure all the requirments are met. At this point a date for the availability of these machines is not available. As the design has not been completed, HSR has not yet decided how it will proceed once they are available."

So don't fear if you haven't adopted the Presto card. You won't be forced to do so any time soon.


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