Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Windows Looking a little Blue?

Interior of an HSR bus with
blue window wrap
If you ride a bus in Hamilton on a regular basis, or even perhaps casually, you have undoubtedly noticed blue films on the rear windows of your bus.

Have you wondered what they are for and why they're on the windows?

"The exterior wraps on the 4 windows at the rear of the bus are installed to deter vandals from scratching graffiti onto the window panes," explains a rep from the HSR.

Not all buses have these films installed yet, but with several hundred buses in the fleet it's a process that takes some time. All buses in the fleet will eventually receive these wraps.

There has been some chatter among the #HamOnt Twitter community who don't like the decals. It is argued that it makes it difficult to see out of the windows, especially at night.

A rep from the Hamilton Street Railway responds. "To assist customers in determining where a bus is on the route, all stop locations are displayed and announced." This is in reference to the automatic stop announcement system which was installed in all buses last year.

There are no plans in the near future to discontinue their use. In fact the brand new XD40 buses that have begun to arrive at the Mountain Transit Centre will also see these installed when they hit the streets later this year.


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