Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music Video: The Bayfront Bus

HSR 8607 is 'The Bayfront Bus."
You ride the same route every day to work or school and home again. If you ride at the same time each day you may even become accustomed to seeing the same faces each and every day. You may even miss them or wonder where they are when they miss a day. But is this route your favourite?

What is your favourite route in Hamilton? Do you have one? Routes vary in length from short (8 YORK is only 5.79km) to very lenghty (5 DELAWARE runs 44.42km) and run through very different areas of the city.

Recently sent to us was this funny music video by Ken Stone from 1985 about the Hamilton Street Railway's Route '4 Bayfront.' Workers get up and take the bus on their daily grind across north Hamilton to work at Stelco.

Two buses can be seen in this video, first a GM TC40-102N "Classic" bus as the titular role (HSR 8607) and another older General Motors T6H-5307N.

Thanks to Glen Cuthbert for the link and of course to Ken Stone for making this video. Great stuff!


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