Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mohawk College Transit Terminal

The city of Hamilton and Mohawk College are in the planning stages of developing a transit terminal on the campus of the college. Take a look below at their description of the project:

The Mohawk College area is emerging as a significant node within the City of Hamilton. Mohawk College is currently and will continue to expand its facilities on the Fennell campus site. One of the immediate projects that are being advanced is the construction of a new multi-modal transit hub and mixed use building on the southwest corner of Fennell Avenue and West 5th Street. This building will provide for a layover and transfer point for Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) buses and passengers and has the opportunity to form a major station site along the existing and enhanced A-Line corridor.

Working together, Mohawk College and the City of Hamilton have advanced the project to the point where concept plans have been developed and the basic building envelop has been established. A Transit and Traffic Operational Study and Functional Design for the adjacent roadways and on-site circulation have been completed. The next step in the process is to initiate the necessary site plan and Environmental Assessment Approvals. The latter is the focus of this proposal while the site plan development and approvals will be a separate process lead by Mohawk College.

This project has been included in the City’s Quick-win portfolio and the City’s portion of the works related to the Transit Hub is being funded by Metrolinx.

The project would include bus bays, bike racks, a transit only roadway and the ability to add future bike lanes around campus. The project would also take buses off of the main roadway on campus and away from parking facilities.

Check out the full presentation slides from the first public information session held last June. Visit the project website at the City of Hamilton at http://www.hamilton.ca/MohawkCollegeHub


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